We ask that appointments be guaranteed against late cancellation or rescheduling with a major credit card at Rosemary & PINE Salon. Your card is not billed unless your vacated appointment goes unfilled. We do our best to fill these openings–just like you, we’d much prefer to have another guest take your place than charge for a cancellation.

This policy allows us to retain great employees.

As a courtesy, you will receive a confirmation email and text of your reservation when you book your appointment as well as a reminder 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Should the need arise to cancel or reschedule reservations, a 24-hour advance notice is required. Insufficient notice to cancel or reschedule reservations are subject to charges up to full service value.

In the case that at least 24 hours’ notice is not given for a cancellation, 50% of the cost of the services scheduled will be charged. All no show reservations will be assessed a charge at full value of services booked.

Please be aware that if you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we may not be able to provide the service for which you have been scheduled and a cancellation fee will apply.

In case of inclement weather:

If there is inclement weather, or other unusual circumstances arise, less that 24 hours notice will be accepted on a case by case scenario.


Returns & Exchanges Salon

If you are not happy with your products, neither are we.


  • Hair products may be exchanged for any other product or for in store product credit.

  • Credit will be based on the amount of product returned.

  • We do not give cash back for returns.


  • All product returns must be made within 6 months of original purchase.

  • All mechanical item returns (hairdryers, flat irons, etc.) must be made within 3 months of the original purchase.

  • All hair brushes, facial products, and special order sales are final



If you are dissatisfied with a service you have received, we are happy to provide you with the opportunity to return to the salon for us to redo the service. Redos are scheduled exactly like regular appointments and are provided at no charge. The only qualification that we make in providing redos is that you call to schedule the redo within one week (7 days)  of the original service and that the redo be scheduled with the same stylist who provided the service. In the event that the original stylist has no time available, or if you feel that the technician is unable to provide the service, an exception may be made by the manager and the redo may be scheduled with another technician.

Please note, services received by Talent level stylists are not guaranteed. Other salon stylists will not provide you with a redo for a talent level service. You must schedule the redo with the talent level stylists who originally provided you with the service though a senior stylists will be there to oversee the redo appointment.

*If you choose to go to another salon without allowing a stylist in our salon to do your redo service, you will be forfeiting any refund or compensation for the original service provided or the price of the service received elsewhere.

Try another in-house stylist

We realize that you may need to switch to a different stylist based on a variety of reasons – schedules, prices, personality (clicking) or sometimes just to get a different perspective. Please feel free to ask us for a referral to another in-house stylist. All of our stylists are very supportive of one another and all have the main goal of helping the guest relax, enjoy and achieve their end goal of the service received. We keep detailed records of your service history and color formulas. All our stylists have equal access to this information. And, don’t forget, we have our own in-house assistant program. Therefore, many of our stylists have received their training from our own senior stylists. In this way, we can ensure that no matter who you see, you will receive the same high quality service to which you have grown accustomed.

Refer a Friend

We believe that a referral is the best compliment that you could give us. When any new client comes in for a first appointment and says you referred them, we will credit your salon account for $5 that you can use on your next service appointment! A referral is the highest form of compliment!



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